Monday, 26 April 2010

The tunnel under the motorway...

On the way to Merstham via Gangers Hill there is a tunnel under the M25. In fact, on all our cycles we tend to go under the M25 – and over it too. This shot was taken on Saturday 24 April on the approach to one of these tunnels. I know, it's not very exciting, of course it isn't, but this blog is all about our cycling and these tunnels do play a part in our adventures.

The shot above was taken in the tunnel. It's quite amazing how there is no graffiti on the walls, but then I wonder how many of the local  nutters even know of the tunnel's existence?

Lastly, my brother Jon at Merstham, outside Hunger's End, fixing a puncture. It's the same puncture he's had for ages but he hasn't fixed it. The thing is, punctures are like hernias, I've probably said this before; they won't fix themselves and can only get worse.

Actually, I forgot to add this shot of The Enterdent taken from the top looking down. It might look pretty average, but believe me, there's a steep descent just out of view, which I had just ascended.

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