Monday, 30 January 2017

Trump latest...

People power – Amazon and Google can't afford to ignore it.
• Big businesses are in a bit of a stew when it comes to Trump's latest pronouncement on immigration – his controversial immigration ban. They had to make the choice between standing with Trump, presumably with a view to currying favour with the USA's 45th president who, they might argue, could make business life very difficult for them; OR sticking with 'the people', those protesting all over the world about the ban. They've rightly chosen the latter, in the full knowledge, no doubt, that so-called 'people power' carries much more weight than a US president. Siding with what amounts to racism is very bad for business especially if your company has global reach, like Amazon and Google.

"God Save the Queen! Coz tourists are money!"
• With tension mounting globally over Trump's madcap ban, there is pressure on Theresa May, the British Prime Minister, to put a stop to Trump's planned state visit, but she's not going to and one could argue why should she? We've had China's head of state here a couple of years ago and that country has a far worse human rights record than the USA. And let's not forget Brexit and the growing desperation of the UK to sign a decent deal with Trump. I mean, we're all looking forward to eating hormone-injected beef and being at the mercy of American drug companies and their desire to be a part of our National Health Service, aren't we?

• Theresa May – or 'Theresa the Appeaser' as she was described in the House of Commons today, shouldn't be rushing to invite Donald Trump to the UK on a State Visit. Why the hurry? Well, it all smacks of desperation to me, but while there are many people who disagree with the planned visit, there are some who think it should go ahead. Some say that there are far worse leaders, including Robert Mugabe, who have been entertained by the Queen. To exclude Trump would be a big mistake, bearing in mind our 'special relationship' with the USA and, indeed, the fact that we're about the leave the EU and need the US as both a business partner and a continued ally.

"Ahh! Let him get on with it!"
• That said, there are many people who, quite rightly, say that Trump was democratically elected the 45th President of the USA and that we should let him get on with it. First, one of the key tenets of democracy is free speech and we have a perfect right to express our feelings about Trump's policies if we disagree with them. Equally, those who are adamant that Trump should be left alone to do his own thing would be advised to consider history and one Adolf Hitler. He was swept to victory and went on to exterminate six million jews during the Second World War. Discriminating against people based on race and/or religion, therefore, – which is basically what Trump is doing – is not to be ignored. Who knows where or what it might lead to...

• Glasgow, Cardiff, Birmingham, London and elsewhere in the UK were the scene of massive street protests against Donald Trump. 

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