Sunday, 1 January 2017

Last ride of 2016...

It was New Year's Eve and I wasn't going to ride at all as I was feeling a little weary, but bearing in mind the 0800hrs start time, I pushed myself, ate breakfast and headed off for the green to meet Andy. White Lane was mentioned, but there was no way as far as I was concerned, so we headed (the slow way) towards Tatsfield Village, chewing the fat along the way.

Tatsfield Village's piss poor festive decorations. Not even a Christmas tree...
It was a clear day as we wove our way towards the tiresome Beddlestead Lane, but as soon as we reached Clarks Lane there was thick fog, but we pushed on and eventually found ourselves at the bus stop where tea and homemade cake was the order of the day. I'd made the cake myself, following a recipe given to me by mum and the end result got the thumbs up.

We rode out of Tatsfield where, incidentally, they had a piss poor festive presence – no tree, just a snowman made of pieces of wood painted white – and rode towards Clarks Lane where once again we were greeted by thick fog. We decided, for the sake of safety, to retrace our steps down Beddlestead Lane where there was no fog, but this meant a punishing hill climb up Hesiers. There were quite a few Lycra monkeys on the road.

When we reached the green we said goodbye and will probably ride again on Monday 2nd January. Today, New Years Day, we stayed in. Rain was promised and when I peered out of the window earlier the roads were wet so I assume it rained overnight. Either way, the threat of a soaking loomed large so the bike remained in the garage.

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