Sunday, 14 June 2015

Tatsfield Churchyard...and I get a puncture on the way home...

Sunday 14 June 2015 – I get a puncture on the B269
A far better day than yesterday in terms of the weather; it was warmer and brighter and the Tatsfield Churchyard seemed like a good destination. We got there, drank our tea, munched our biscuits and then I set about trying to take a decent image that would, in some way, epitomise the ride. Except that most of the shots we've tried before and, let's be honest, when you're in a churchyard it's all a little morbid. One of the shots I snapped today featured Andy and I between two headstones – very depressing – another was a shot of me posing, crouched down, at the end of a wooden bench; this shot was over exposed for some reason and so was another shot of the grass and bushes in front of our bench.

However, on the way home my bike wobbled slightly – I had a puncture! The shot above proved the most exciting. It shows my bike having its rear wheel puncture repaired and Andy's somehow defying gravity in the background.

Fixing the puncture took about 20 minutes and soon we were back on the road. As usual we parted company at Warlingham Green. I reached home around a quarter past ten and I'm guessing Andy got home at roughly the same time.

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