Sunday, 21 September 2014

Solo ride to the Tatsfield bus stop – 14.5 miles.

It must have rained during the night as there were puddles dotted along the 269 this morning as I made my way towards Botley Hill. Puddles aside, the weather was fantastic: blue skies and cottonwool clouds, although there was a cool breeze.

Yours truly, Tatsfield bus stop, Sunday 21 Sept 2014
The original plan was to ride to Botley Hill and back, but as I approached the pub, I realised that I might as well push on a little further so I headed for the Tatsfield bus stop.

I was passed by a few Lycra monkeys on the way, but generally speaking it was an uneventful kind of ride – not that Lycra monkeys make a ride 'eventful'. I suppose it was because a solo ride, by definition, means no company, no conversation. I was left alone with my thoughts.

When I reached the bus stop I loitered for a short while, took the selfie accompanying this post then, with no tea or biscuits to eat (oh, the pain and loneliness of solitary riding!) I headed back and by the time I reached home I had burned off 363 calories over a distance of 14.5 miles (that's from my house to the Tatsfield bus stop and back, the fast way).

Like yesterday I was on the bike for 90 minutes in total. Yesterday I rode roughly one mile less than today and burned 356 calories. My average speed was 10mph, but again, I was in no hurry. Yesterday's average speed was even slower – just 9mph. In fact, comparing the two rides, I preferred yesterday's for the simple reason that the route was circular and I had some company, although I didn't have company on the ride, just when I reached my destination – mum's house. By 'circular' I mean that none of the return journey involved repeating any of the outward journey (apart from riding down Rossdale and into Shorts Road). From Alma Road onwards it was a completely different route, which appeared on my cycling app (Map My Ride) as a circle.

Today's ride was a simple straight line as the route back was the reverse of the route out. Having said that, the 'better' ride is to Tatsfield bus stop. Why? Because it's more rural, more desolate and there's a great covered bus stop at the half way point. The urban ride to mum's is just that: urban. Infact, it's suburban! Having said that, I would rather have breakfast at mum's than sit alone at the bus stop. But then again, when the guys are at the bus stop with me and we have tea and biscuits or tea and cake (or both) the bus stop is very appealing, especially in the sunshine. Hell, I can't make up my mind. Does one have to be better than the other? Of course not, they're both good in their own way.

How sad am I?
So what else? Well, I know this sounds really sad – and I am, of course, a very, very sad person – but I love buying something new and yesterday that something was a new kettle. Our old one was leaking so we nipped down to the Currys on the Purley Way and bought a new one – the same brand (Philips). Ridiculous, I know, but I even enjoyed the shopping trip as we later strolled around John Lewis and Next Home – not that we can afford to buy anything at the moment.
Our new Philips kettle from Currys.

This morning we drove to Slindon, a fantastic village close to Pulborough on the southern side of the South Downs. Wonderful place – especially the beef pasty at The Old Forge café. If you haven't been, I suggest you go, it's a great place – but I'd imagine very drab on a cold and rainy day as the only village pub was closed and turned into flats about 10 years ago.

It's been a great day weatherwise: blue skies and light cloud and now, at 1727hrs the sun is shimmering behind some clouds. The trees are virtually still as there's so little wind and, as I write this, I can hear the engine of a light aircraft purring away somewhere in the distance. Perfect.

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