Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Day two: to the Tatsfield bus stop...the slow way (approximately 17 miles)

The early part of Beddlestead Lane today. A long, slow hill.
I discovered today that riding to the Tatsfield bus stop – the slow way – is only a fraction longer than riding to Botley Hill the fast way. It takes 50 minutes to ride from my house to Botley and it takes 65 minutes to ride the long way to the Tatsfield bus stop – probably slightly less than that as I stopped a couple of times to take the photographs accompanying this post.
Further along Beddlestead Lane...still a way to go
Once again  –  as the photographs testify – the weather was fantastic: blue skies and sunshine. The ride was good. I decided to go the slow way to Botley to avoid the traffic and it proved to be a good idea. What was great about today's ride was the solitude; once on the country lanes there was nothing but birdsong.

Rolling hills along Beddlestead Lane...nearly at Clarks Lane
A good ride, thanks again to the Pistorious trial, although the defence lawyer wants to adjourn the case for some reason – at least I think he does – which means that I'll have to head out earlier than usual. 
Final destination: the Tatsfield bus stop at 0955hrs...time to ride home
My wife is totally engrossed in the Pistorious case.

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