Saturday, 22 March 2014

To Westerham...

Heavy wind and rain through the night left puddles everywhere, but the poor weather had cleared by the morning and now there are blue skies and plenty of sunshine.

We met at 0715hrs on Warlingham Green where the flowers were in bloom around the war memorial. There were blossoms on the trees too and, another sign of the changing season, Andy was wearing shorts. He'd riden out on the Blast today (not the racer) and said he noticed the difference: brakes that work properly and a much smoother ride.
My Kona Scrap at the foot of Water Lane, Westerham, this morning.
We headed off up the 269 and maintained a steady pace all the way to Westerham where the wet benches meant we had to stand to drink our tea and chat.

Phil must have been boiling his marmalade as there was no sign of him and Andy and I were wondering if we'd ever get to taste any.

We set off for home around 0845hrs and I got back at 0948hrs. The plan is to keep up the rides to Westerham, just like the old days with the added bonus of tea and a cereal bar as, in the old days, we didn't have tea, just a bun or some kind of bakery item from the Co-op where we used to stand around outside and then pedal home. It would be good to get back to 44-miler weekends so here's hoping we keep up the momentum.

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