Sunday, 9 September 2012

Andy rides Caterham-Brighton-Caterham

Andy, Brighton Beach, Saturday September 10th 2012.
Saturday 8th September: Hot weather. Very hot. But Andy was up with the lark and en route to Brighton from his home in Caterham. It wasn't easy, but he did well, arriving at the coast at 10am. Here's a shot of Andy on the beachfront. The cycle back was hard due to the heat, but he did it and still managed to meet me the following day at 0730hrs on Warlingham Green for a shortish ride to the Tatsfield bus stop, although he admitted that an 'abort' text from me would have been well-received.

We cycled to the Tatsfield bus stop, drank our tea, munched on our cereal bars and then rode home. It's a wonderful day. Very hot as I write this at 1045hrs. Time, perhaps, for a trip to the beach!

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