Sunday, 8 July 2012

More rain...but not at the Tatsfield Churchyard!

I can't remember a summer like it: it's been on and off rain since May and yesterday saw some huge downpours in the South West of England (although there was serious flooding in Southern Russia).

It's Wimbledon fortnight at the moment – or rather it comes to an end today with Federer versus Murray and it's the first time a British player has been in the final since 1938 (except, of course, he's Scottish). The centre court now has a roof, which means that rain won't stop play, but unfortunately, NoVisibleLycra doesn't have a roof - just leaky crash helmets.

Unbelievably it looks like a nice day, but there's probably some dark clouds somewhere.
Right now it's bright outside, but over Andy's way it's raining still so we've decided to abort our ride. We were out yesterday, but just to the Tatsfield bus stop, which was pleasant. Yesterday, however, was another day of on and off rain so I'm amazed we didn't get a soaking. Andy said this morning that he DID catch a soaking, but I managed to get home just in time, having already sheltered under an awning in Hamsey on the way home.

This year, or rather this summer, has been a wash-out. Yesterday's ride and last week's were the only rides for about a month. I think the last one prior to last week was the teashop in Godstone (which was definitely prior to 8 June when I left my last job).

Two paragraphs ago I said it was 'bright outside', but now it's not; it's raining again, very fine rain, but rain nonetheless. This is, of course, England, but this is easily the worst summer in ages.

In the news: Serena Williams wins the women's final at Wimbledon (that was yesterday);  the aforementioned floods in Southern Russia killed 144; Libya has started counting the votes in its first election since the overthrow of Gaddafi, 

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