Sunday, 6 May 2012

Andy's pix from the South Downs Way...I don't think he escaped a soaking

"You can leave that outside, mate!"
Andy's Kona Blast – in perfect condition for a trip to the bike shop.
I'd get the hose out when you get back, Andy.

Mud pie anybody?

Andy's been away for the weekend riding the South Downs Way from Winchester down to Eastbourne. Judging by these photos, taken by Andy, it looks pretty muddy out there so I'm guessing that he got a bit of a soaking. 

There's been one helluva lot of rain over the past two months, which doesn't bode well for next week's Black Horse Ride. In other words, I won't get smug about the fact that I've been nice and cosy in the warm while Andy's been out in the elements on the Blast. Why not? Because, as I write this, it's only a week away from me being out in the rain, with Andy, on the Black Horse Ride – and this time there's no free pint at the end of it! Still, mustn't grumble!

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