Sunday, 10 April 2011

Tatsfield Village and Godstone Green

The lake on Godstone Green
With faulty gears and a dodgy rear brake, I set off for Warlingham Green this morning to meet Andy with a view to visiting Godstone Green. Yesterday we went to Tatsfield Village. The weather's been tremendous this week: blue skies and sunshine; and soon it will time for the the Black Horse Ride (details to follow soon).

Godstone is a pig of a ride on the return trip as there's a steep hill that's impossible if your gears aren't working. I dismounted and Andy felt obliged to follow suit, not because he couldn't hack it, but because those are the rules – NVL members never leave a friend behind. I should have remembered the classic movie line, "Go on without me," but I didn't.

While on the green we did what we always do: drink tea, munch cereal bars and discuss whatever comes into our minds. Today it was the News of the World phone hacking scandal. I can't remember what we chatted about yesterday, although it was probably something to do with work and jobs and how, in answer to the question, "What would you say is your biggest weakness?" we would answer, "Doughnuts."
Tree in blossom at Godstone Green

Andy at Godstone Green
The village pond at Tatsfield.

I'm going to start perusing the map book again as it would be good to find a new route somewhere. I'm thinking about taking Andy on the notorious 'Footpath to Dunton Green'.

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