Saturday, 30 April 2011

Tatsfield Churchyard – alright, it's becoming a bit of a habit

Friday 29 April, the day of the Royal Wedding, and Andy and I set off in the early morning sunshine for the Tatsfield Churchyard. It's going to be a busy weekend, and another long one. Today, Saturday 30 April, we're leaving later, that's why I'm here now, at 0753hrs, writing a blogpost. I'm leaving here at 0930hrs and we're heading over to Longford Lake with Andy's mate, Richard, who I last saw on the 2010 Black Horse Ride. The meeting point, as always, is Warlingham Green but we're meeting there at 1000hrs, two and a half hours later than usual, which is nice as I've managed to have breakfast and a more leisurely start.

Outside, the weather is fantastic: bright sunshine again, like yesterday. While I'd resolved not to watch any of the Royal Wedding, I ended up watching it twice, first live and then later on in the evening. I liked the Aston Martin Volante they drove off in, nice motor! If I'm honest, I rather enjoyed the wedding, but don't tell anybody.

Okay, back to Tatsfield Churchyard. I'm a little concerned as a lot of our photographs now feature headstones and, while it's peaceful and we like it, being surrounded by dead people is a bit odd as it brings home our mortality and makes us realise that life is short – all the more reason, perhaps, to enjoy our cycling, as we both do.

Yours truly at the Tatsfield Churchyard, Friday April 26th 2011.
So, today we're off to Longford Lake and we'll probably have a beer at the Bricklayers Arms, a pub that serves Harvey's, a nice pint of beer, brewed in Lewes in West Sussex. More on today later on. Oh, and here's a shot of me, taken by Andy, wandering around the churchyard. I say a shot of me, it's a shot of mulitple me, but there you have it. We've got another idea for this photographic technique, but to say anymore would spoil it.

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