Saturday, 12 February 2011

Tatsfield Village

The rain-laden B269. I liked those trees.

It had been raining, the roads were still peppered with puddles and it looked as if it was going to pour down any second.  In fact, as I left the house it was raining, but I carried on, albeit slightly late due to writing the last post on Nestles. Andy sent me a text as I arrived at the Green. It simply said, "Hmmmm". He was right, I was late, but not THAT late.

My Kona waiting on the B269 for Andy who was inspecting his front wheel.

My rear brake is playing up. I thought it was the front, but it's the back, so the bike needs to pay a visit to the shop. Perhaps on Monday, it's still rideable.

We decided to go for Tatsfield Village where there was shelter if it did rain, but it didn't, although I got a really wet arse, thanks to no mudguards. That's something else I'm going to have to fix soon as it's ruining all my clothes and making me feel cold. I can't bear to sit down when I reach the bus stop so I've got to get some mudguards.

Andy talked about Top Gear and how much we like it, we drank our tea, ate our cereal bars and then headed home.

They – the local council – were fixing a part of the B269, just for the record.

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  1. Awesome mate. NO rifding for me until my shoulder heals doctors orders :o/