Monday, 3 May 2010

Mileage note.

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The trip to Merstham the slow way is approximately 16.8 miles, that's taken from Matt's house in South Croydon. From Woodmansterne Green to Merstham is 7 miles and from Woodmansterne Green back to Matt's house is approximately six miles.

Matt's house to Merstham (slow way): 16.8 miles.
Merstham to Woodmansterne Grn: 7 miles.
Woodmansterne Green to Matt's house 6 miles.

The round trip, therefore, is, give or take, 30 miles.


  1. I notice that you measure rides in miles, but I thought that the UK standard would be Metric. Also, when watching Top Gear, they always use Miles Per Hour, and Miles Per Gallon. If there was a way, I would mandate that all of the U.S. use Metric. Its much easier to figure out half of 66mm than it is to figure out half of 2 and 9/16 inches. And Metric time?!?! I could get twice as much done, plus 10%, in the same amount of time! Later! Riding tomorrow in 30 Mile Per Hour wind!

  2. On Travel Gravel's metric comment, the Brits like their old measurements; we are changing, believe it or not, as a lot of weights and measures are now given in metric, but it'll take a long, long time to get us thinking kilometres over miles. I mean our cars have speedos with both miles and km written on them (the latter in smaller type) but I can't see distance changing. It'll take a hell of lot to get us away from our 'miles'. Yards are losing out to metres, though, but hell, we can't lose our miles or our currency, we don't want the Euro, we want our good old British pound!

  3. Simon, yes, not a bad distance, but quite knackering; I did it the Saturday before last. A nice run though, with only one big (ish) hill called The Enterdent (there's a pic of me at the top of it a few posts back).

  4. Yes saw that. I dont know how you guys ride in the weather you have over there. I sued to ride wind, rain and hail but i found the bad weather would wreck my bikes chain and cluster..