Thursday, 13 May 2010

Andy, you're gonna get wet in those trousers...

Peter Storm packable waterproof jacket – only £22 from Blacks,
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Just a brief one to say that I strolled into Blacks, the camping shop, yesterday afternoon to discuss waterproof trousers and it turns out that those Endura trousers (that Andy purchased online) are water 'repellent' but not waterproof. What's the difference? Well, in general, light rain, they will 'repell' the rainwater, but in a heavy downpour (ie when you're on a bike even a little drizzle becomes heavier) they will begin to soak through like normal trousers.

The guy in the shop told me that waterproof trousers are basically the 'over trousers' like the ones I've got. You put them on OVER your trousers and you should keep dry.

Andy's top is fine, that's waterproof. I found a North Face top in Blacks that might be worth buying, but even in non-cycling shop, they're pricey. I think it was £80 for the jacket and £50 for the waterproof trousers – that's £130!

Mind you, there's always Peter Storm! How about a waterproof jacket for just £22? Click here!

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