Monday, 24 May 2010

22 and 23 May – Merstham, Godstone and snakes in the grass

The weather didn't let us down this weekend. Not only was it forecast to be a scorcher, it really was a hot one. It makes a change. The last few weeks haven't been good, prompting posts on this blog about waterproof clothing. We've had a fair amount of soakings too and, yes, it was getting a little tedious.

This weekend, however, was a different kettle of fish: blue skies and sunshine. Check out the photograph (above) of Andy at Godstone Green, that hazy summer sun and the velvety grass. Hopefully we can put away our waterproofs for the next few months.

On Saturday we resolved to go to Merstham the long way round (see previous posts for details) and it proved a good cycle. Jon couldn't make it. I called him when Andy and I reached the quarry (and Andy took a leak) and he said he had a problem with his left knee. Andy said it could be something to do with the height of his saddle or, indeed, Jon's wonky pedals. Either way, Andy and I pushed on towards the caff (Hunger's End) where we enjoyed toast and jam, scrambled egg on toast and mugs of tea before heading home.

I went home via Caterham and, while a change from the usual route, it wasn't any quicker, thanks to hills, one being Tithepit Shaw Lane, a huge hill, but nothing's a problem where hills are concerned anymore, we just push on; it's a case of head down and get on with it. I reached home around 1110hrs but then we had dawdled a bit. I think we sat around at the caff for longer than usual.

A slow worm of the sort I saw near Bay Pond.
Photo courtesy of
Sunday was a conventional ride to Godstone Green via Gangers Hill and the weather was fantastic. In fact, when we reached the green we both wanted to stay there for the rest of the day, it was that pleasant. But, as always, we both had things to do, namely a Sunday roast. On the way back towards Church Town, along the alley skirting Bay Pond, I rode over what looked like a snake. Andy reckons it was a Slowworm (or lizard without legs) and judging by a website I checked out this morning, that's exactly what it was. Click here for details. We watched as the slow worm or snake disappeared in the grass and then cycled home.
Godstone Green pond through the reeds – summer's here

During the day I drove out towards the route of last week's Black Horse Ride, in search of the Frog and Nightgown, but as usual, I didn't want to ask for directions when I realised we were lost. I eventually asked some people with horses for directions: turn left, then right, then left again and yes, we got there – but it was closed. We drove into Rusper for a pint of Harvey's, a mineral water, J2O and a couple of bags of Real crisps and sat in the summer sunshine in the pub's garden. Very pleasant.

A great weekend's cycling but my Spongy Wonder saddle needs replacement spongy bits, which I have in the garage. At the time of writing I still hadn't gotten round to it. This week, maybe.


  1. sitting in a pub garden in England is very pleasant for sure! Sadly I am having some difficulty with my right ankle and have only done a couple of rides since getting back here. Hope to get it resolved and do a couple of posts soon!

  2. thanks mate- its really uncomfortable to unclip from the pedal at the moment

  3. Thank you for liking my blog; I enjoy producing it too.