Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Punctures, sore throats and dodgy brakes

Well, for a start, I'm back! God knows what happened, but for a few days it was impossible to get hold of this blog on either computer in the house. Anywhere else, fine, but not here; so imagine how pleased I was when I logged on and it sprung up (the site, nothing else, novisiblelycra isn't a porn site, for heaven's sake).

Anyway, no cycling at all this weekend for the simple reason that there was something wrong with all of our bikes. Andy was fixing new brakes to his and was having a few problems; my brakes were non-existent and need to be replaced; and Jon's bike had a puncture, possibly the same one and, on top of that, he hasn't managed to shake off that sore throat.

Saturday was fine in terms of the weather, but Sunday was bad: it rained on and off all day long, so there was a definite chance that, had we all been fine, the cycle would have been aborted.

Today (Tuesday 23 Feb 2010) it looks as if it has been raining. Outside it is very overcast and grey and will probably rain. Yesterday it rained all day. I need to take my bike into Evan's (a cycle shop in West Croydon) to get the brakes sorted out before the weekend and, hopefully, a trip to Merstham, our new destination.

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  1. nothing worse! I rode 50km ride before i realized my rear brake was binding.... felt like a massive head wind. btw put a link on my blog to yours...